UNICHIM Inc (Ural Chemical Research Institute)

Was founded in 1930 as the first Ural institute of applied and industrial chemistry, is part of the holding company RT-Khimkompozit of the State Corporation Rostekh

Nowadays UNICHIM Inc is an accredited research organization that includes a research institute specializing in developing technologies of inorganic materials production, a demonstration plant that produces new fine chemicals using these technologies for metallurgy, machine industry, power engineering, electronics, transportation, defense and nuclear industry. The export to China, Korea, Hungary, Kazakhstan and other countries demonstrates UNICHIM products’ top quality. The company does full-scale project work, is licensed by the Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector to design buildings of the first and second level of responsibility, design of chemical plants used for handling and storage of explosive, flammable and toxic substances and mixtures.

Sverdlovsk region

UNICHIM Inc has the state certificate of a scientific organization

The company mainly specializes in production of anoxic boron compounds – the new breed of materials which are in demand due to their unique qualities: the ability to absorb neutrons, high chemical resistance, high calorific value necessary for solid fuels and chemical heat sources, high-temperature strength, low density necessary for airline and space industries, amorphization ability. These qualities determine the main spheres of application: composites for neutron shield, precision alloys, refractory materials, solid lubricants, abrasives, wear-resistant coatings.
UNICHIM participated in the 5th Specialized Exhibition of Water treatment “Clean water.Kazan” held in ‘Kazan’ fair’ expo center. The “CD-100” unit aroused interest of the participants and guests; it produces the combined disinfectant “Chlorine dioxide and chlorine” for water disinfection and purification. This product was highly praised by the jury and received certificate 111 “for technological solutions and in the process of water disinfection and purification”.



The Tatar Oil Research and Design Institute of JSC Tatneft named after V.D. Shashin

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